Welcome to St. John's Episcopal Church Restoration Committee

Committed to the preservation and restoration of one of St. Croix's Landmark buildings 

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Here are a few examples of others who support this project!

Tim Duncan

San Antonio Spurs

Donna M. Christensen

Delegate to the U.S. Congress from the U.S. Virgin Islands

John David Merwin

Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands 1958-61

Roger Dewey

President of the St. Croix Foundation

Carole Soule

Director – Learning Network Foundation





The St. John’s Church Restoration Project is a comprehensive undertaking, encompassing the church, Sunday School building, rectory, churchyard (cemetery) and grounds.   The restoration work will be carried out in phases, in order to enable the Parish to continue its pastoral responsibilities with the least amount of disruption.


Beauty and the Aging Process

Time neither respects persons or things.  None--not even imposing buildings and monuments--can withstand the passage of time unscathed without at least some help.  In some cases, the rejuvenation process may be largely cosmetic, while for others it may be far more complicated.  On tropical islands, the aging process involves a constant struggle with the environment--heat, humidity, salt air, intense sunlight, and periodic storms of varying intensity

There is much work to do

Bishop Gumbs, in a letter to the Restoration Committee eloquently describes what is at stake and why this mission matters:

"We have a responsibility to give to the next generation of worshipers a facility that would cause them to sing.  “These stones that have echoed their praises are holy and dear is the ground where their feet have once trod, yet here they confessed they were strangers and pilgrims and still they were seeking the City of God.” (Ancient & Modern Hymnal 746)  Come let us labor together for the common good.  I commend you highly for the work you have taken on, on behalf of so many.  May the God who has called you to this task give you the grace, wisdom and understanding as you face the challenges ahead."

 Annual Reports
We have recently added the last three years of our Restoration Committee's annual report.   We invite you to review our progress!    You may view all the annual reports here.