About St. John's Episcopal Church 


St. John’s Episcopal Church was established by the Church of England in 1760.  St. John’s is often referred to as the “Mother Church of the Diocese.”   The church sits on the western edge of the town of Christainsted.  Its Gothic Revival style dominates the skyline and entrance to the town.  In the course of two hundred fifty years, St. John’s has reflected the ethnic diversity of the St. Croix population.  Today, many of the members come from former British colonies in the West Indies.  Multi-generational Crucian (i.e. natives of St. Croix) families both black and white, provide a sense of continuity with centuries past. 


St. John’s is an active parish.  Its vision statement is: Communicating and committing to the spreading of God’s Word through service to our community.  A variety of organizations support the work of the church.  They are The Episcopal Church Women, Episcopal Church Men, and the Daughters of the King.  Music is an important part of the life of St. John’s with a Sunday Morning Choir, a Youth Choir, Men’s Chorale, and a Steel Band. 


The spiritual growth of the parish is addressed through Bible Study and regular Christian Education programs for all ages   Lay ministers to the sick and shut-ins is an active ministry.  St. John’s engages in a variety of fund raising activities such as bake sales and dinners.  The annual celebration of St. John’s Founding and Dedication takes place during the last week in October and is one of the highlights of the year.


Worship at St. John’s takes place on Sunday morning and Wednesday noon.  St. John’s tradition is “high church” which means that incense and chanting are a regular part of worship.  The people of the parish love to sing and a wide variety of music can be heard.  Music from the Episcopal Hymnal, Lift Every Voice and Sing, Ancient and Modern plus a variety of other resources form the musical heritage of St. John’s.

St. John’s is currently involved in a redevelopment effort.  During this interim period, a re-structuring and re-organization is taking place.  Various committees and activities are being transformed.  The goal is to position St. John’s to be better able to meet the needs and challenges of the Twenty-first century.  This along with the restoration of St. John’s property will place the parish in a very good position for the years ahead.